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Which online self-education resources do I suggest?

There are many online education resources but not all are equally good and not all are equal. I will mention just some of them I found so far and tell in a few sentences about my experience with them.

First which I would recommend is EDX. which has a great high quality courses from top univesities. They are good if you want to gain more advanced half self-educated knowledge.

Second is Coursera and I consider it to be less advanced than edx but more easy for starters.

Another is ALISON which is a good balance od simple and advanced. They are good for learning languages.

For this time I will mention just those three. Go, and have a try with them and let mow know in comments what you think or if you already tried them, please comment to tell others your experience.

I will update soon this post with many others resources I recommend and every new post will be either about sepcifics of those resources or about which resources and which way of learning I recommend for specific topics like physics or math.


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Education in 21 century

We live in 21 century when we have available all resources for self education on-line for free. Those free resources are available 24/7 365 days a week. Almost every subject or field of study has its textbooks available online. Some should be paid for and some are free. 

In past we had limited resources, there were a few books in every topic and not everyone could have them. Printing even in paper form was not available, but today printing in paper form is almost gone, we are just using digital form and digital is easier to have around and to share.

With other words resources for self education are everywhere but what is missing? Why don’t we live on advanced society where everyone is self thought scientist or programmer? Why is self education not in?

To answer this question we shell think about traditional education, why do people pursue it, what motivates them and what do they gain with it?

The thing about formal traditional education is that it gives people jobs and it gives people jobs because society believes in it, thrusts it and supports it.

With self education and non formal learning there is not a system which would grade the knowledge and which would support it. The question is if this system is even needed? Why to support self education and can it be tested in a good way like traditional formal education? Can someone who is self thought, or who is using online resources for learning, become respected expert just like someone who is using traditional education? The answer is I think yes but in a different way. Someone who is self though or who was learning online learned to learn, to organise , to research, to adapt to new discoveries which is even better than traditional closed model of education. With self learning and non formal education we get experts who are more adapted for work in 21 century environment than someone who was educated in traditional formal education.

So why doesn’t society support self education? The answer can be found if we follow the money. If teachers would be just instructors and testers the need for them could be reduced and most of them would get lower salaries and  some who would not adapt woud even  loose jobs. 

So the answer to what is stopping expansion of self education and non formal learning is in the fact that very power interest groups are against it because they would lose money and power. Those interest groups beside formal education teachers are other schools officials, politician’s, corporations, religious organization and others. Almost all who have the most powerful positions in the society are against big reforms in education, because to say it once again clearly and loudly: They woul lose money and power if people would become self educated and independent.

Those who are against self education and non foemal learning are sacrificing the good of everyone for their own benefits.

What can be done?

We who are consciousness of the need of supporting, encouraging and advancing self education and non formal learning should make pressure on those in power to do what is best for everyone not just for themselves. We should make pressure on formal education teachers that they will teach more about how to learn and how to think critically than what to learn and what to think and the most important thing for us is to become ourselves self learners, independent and critical thinkers.

Why self-education 101?

Self-education is very important because all education is self-education even if many do not realize it. With self-education people learn to be independent and those who are conscious of their self education have the independent mindset.

Education is all about changing your mindset and mindset is changed every time there is a permanent change in your thoughts and beliefs. For example, someone who was never traveling abroad and thought that traveling is a waste of time, after going to a few school excursions, can change his opinion and start thinking that traveling is the best gift you can give to yourself. We say that he got educated about traveling when his opinion is based on facts and not something else.

There are so many topics where someone can easily educate himself to have basic or  advanced education in any field. There are so  many tutorials available online to help you learn anything anytime and here at we will help you to use those resources in the best possible way and help you to speed up your learning.

There are many reasons why you need self-education. One of the reasons is that with self-education you have more freedom to learn at your pace and what you want to learn. Here on self-education.wordpress internet is our best friend and we recommend every amazing material we can find on the internet so you can learn a lot. One   of articles I recommend is this one: . There you can find more about self-learning difficulties.


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